Types and stages of recycling

Recycling, i.e. the reuse of waste, is not a unique concept. There are various technologies hidden under it, giving various effects. As a result thermal energy, raw material with new properties or biofuel may be created. Recycling is not only the responsibility of large industrial plants. Care for the natural environment should begin with the

Rubbish Removal Prices

For some people, the fact that we are remarkably proficient when it comes to disposing of old-fashioned and damaged items of furniture, large amounts of packages and leftovers, as well as commercial junk is not enough. We do understand that, as it takes a lot of work and commitment to become the best company on

Garden Waste Collection

Garden Waste Collection

Spring time! …and for sure not only our houses needs spring cleaning but also our gardens. Sometimes a garden become a space full of general household waste as well as green waste that can attract insects and foxes causing health and safety hazard for you, your familly and your neighbours. This is where Rubbish Masters