Types and stages of recycling

Recycling, i.e. the reuse of waste, is not a unique concept. There are various technologies hidden under it, giving various effects. As a result thermal energy, raw material with new properties or biofuel may be created. Recycling is not only the responsibility of large industrial plants. Care for the natural environment should begin with the

Skip Hire

Home renovation and construction is always associated with the formation of huge amounts of debris and other construction waste. The current law does not allow them to be disposed of in public waste containers. The solution in such a situation turns out to be companies providing services in the field of waste and debris removal.

Building Waste Removal

How to get rid of rubbish quickly

Some people are not aware of the fact that certain mundane works can be performed in the blink of an eye by experienced professionals. The case is similar with rubbish removal – we regularly meet individuals who are more than surprised that there is no need to get rid of all the unwanted items and litter

Office Clearance

Clean your office once and for all

Clean your office – You have worked for a long time and the office you have owned can be expanded or changed for another, more spacious and comfortable one! Congratulations on your success! However, as it always is – the modification or change of workplace is always connected with the obligation to clean stationery, get

Rubbish Removal Prices

For some people, the fact that we are remarkably proficient when it comes to disposing of old-fashioned and damaged items of furniture, large amounts of packages and leftovers, as well as commercial junk is not enough. We do understand that, as it takes a lot of work and commitment to become the best company on

Furniture Waste Clearance

House refurbishment and renovation is always a good thing, as aside from making your home, room, or office look remarkably nicer and more fashionable, you can finally get rid of worn-out and damaged items of furniture. Chests of drawers, tables, and chairs – they all can be disposed of…but sometimes it may be difficult to

Rubbish Removal Services

Let professionals handle your rubbish! – it has to be indicated that when it comes to rubbish removal, we are one of the best in the entire industry. We are always ready and willing to support our customers, regardless of the type of services that are needed. We specialize mainly in garage, garden, commercial, and

Garden Waste Collection

Garden Waste Collection

Spring time! …and for sure not only our houses needs spring cleaning but also our gardens. Sometimes a garden become a space full of general household waste as well as green waste that can attract insects and foxes causing health and safety hazard for you, your familly and your neighbours. This is where Rubbish Masters