Types and stages of recycling

Recycling, i.e. the reuse of waste, is not a unique concept. There are various technologies hidden under it, giving various effects. As a result thermal energy, raw material with new properties or biofuel may be created. Recycling is not only the responsibility of large industrial plants. Care for the natural environment should begin with the

Construction Waste

What is construction waste?

Construction waste is generated during construction, demolition and renovation works. They can often be re-used by contractors, which reduces the cost of the ongoing investment, but a significant proportion of these residues should end up in the hands of special companies that specialize in collecting construction waste. In this way we will limit their negative

Building Waste Removal

We would like to announce that our index of services has been recently expanded once again. This time, we have decided that our professionals are skilled enough and knowledgeable in the field to such an extent that building rubbish removal will not be a problem for them at all. Therefore, from now on you can

Building Waste Removal

How to get rid of rubbish quickly

Some people are not aware of the fact that certain mundane works can be performed in the blink of an eye by experienced professionals. The case is similar with rubbish removal – we regularly meet individuals who are more than surprised that there is no need to get rid of all the unwanted items and litter