Furniture Waste Removal

Free up room for new furniture by getting rid of the old

Furniture Waste Removal

At some point, your favourite items of furniture will no longer be your favourites. Even if you’re still attached to them, the time may have come to replace old-fashioned, damaged or worn-out tables, chairs, sofas and cabinets with shiny new ones. But what do you do with this furniture waste?

Because of its size and shape, disposing of unwanted furniture can be a challenge. The most efficient solution is to bring in trained professionals such as Rubbish Masters who specialise in furniture waste removal. In addition to saving you time and energy, this could prevent injury from lifting heavy or awkwardly shaped pieces. The only furniture items we’re unable to accept are mattresses, fridges and freezers.

When you contact us, we’ll give you our best quote based on the amount of furniture waste to be collected. Our strong, fit driver will then arrive promptly in a 3.5-tonne tipper truck and wait 40 minutes for loading. Once your unwanted furniture is properly secured on the van, he’ll take it away for safe disposal. Wherever possible, it will be recycled rather than simply dumped.

The weight for a full load cannot exceed 1.5 tonnes. So if you have a heavier amount of furniture waste for removal, you may find our Skip Hire or Wait and Load Skip Hire services to be better suited to your needs.


To wave goodbye to your old furniture the easy way